Dil Bechara Movie

Dil Bechara Movie Review – Last Movie Of Shushant

Dil Bechara Movies was the last movie of late Shushant Singh Rajput which did a great at the box office and everyone just loved the chemistry between Manny and Kizie Basu.

So the movie start with the entry of Kizie Basu who is suffering from cancer and can die at any moment, but she quite stable now so she is going to college for her studies.

And there she meets Manny who is a very interesting character and he has lost his one leg because of disease and there is more interesting character who is Pandey Manny’s best friend.

So the story roams around an album which is the favorite song of Kizie but the song is incomplete and she is very curious to know about why the singer kept the song incomplete.

But she is not able to find the singer of the song.

Dil Bechara Movie Review

Dil Bechara Movie Review

And then in the Kizie Basu and Manny became great friends and Kizie told Manny about the song and all and how badly she wanted to know why the singer kept the song incomplete.

But there is a one more cancer patient, Pandey and he has eye cancer and he want to become a director and that’s why before loosing his eye’s he want to direct a movie.

And in that movie Manny was playing the lead role and Manny convince Kizie to become his heroine.

And as the movie pass Manny and Kizie becomes partner and Manny want to fulfill all the wishes of Kizie before she dies.

And that’s why he start finding the singer of the album and he finally found him but the singer was in Paris and he don’t want to talk much about the song in messages so he asked Kizie to come over Paris.

But her doctor and her family member are not ready to send her to Paris in this dangerous condition. And in that time they were shooting for the film of pandey.

And then Pandey got his operation he gets blind and he was not able to direct the movie further.

And after that suddenly one day Kizie get so sick and got admitted to hospital and their she refuse to talk to Manny as according to her he should not suffer her pain and she did not talked to him for few days.

But then her father told her that not talking to him will not going to make him comfortable rather it will give him more pain so then she talked to him.

And she asked him to take her to Paris to meet the singer of that song as he asked to come Paris to know why he left the song incompleted.

So then they convince the parents of Kizie and they agreed in one condition that her mother will also come with them.

Their Paris Trip

Dil Bechara Paris Trip

So then they flew for the Paris and finally, they meet the singer of the album in Paris but the singer was quite mad and they don’t get the proper answer from his, but they understand that he leaves the song incomplete because he loses someone whom he loved a lot.

And their Kizie also gets to know about another heartbreaking news that Manny also has cancer and he does not have much time as his Cancer was in the last stage.

And then they moved back to India and then they completed the movie they were shooting and finally Manny died.

Final Word

So this is all about Dil Bechara Movie and the movies were really awesome I must say the acting was great and also the storyline is awesome so you haven’t watched the movie till now then go and watch it now you will definitely gonna like it.

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