Top 10 Tamil Actors

Top 10 Tamil Actors In The Industry

Do you know who are the Top 10 Tamil Actors in Industry if don’t, here we are going to tell you about them and find out is your favorite actor is in the list or and also tell us who is your favorite actor.

And also if you want to know about how much they charge for the role then read the full article you will get all the information here.

10. Karthi

He is one of the most famous actors in the Tamil film industry, if you are a Tamil movie lover then you must know him. And the reason for him in the list was the back to back flop of STR, earlier he was there in the list if you see but because of his flop movies, he slipped down from the list and Karthi takes his place and gets the place in top 10 Tamil Actors. And if we talk about his fees then he charges around 8 Crore for his role in a movie.

9. Vijay Sethupathi

He is awesome in his every role, he always makes sure to deliver great performance whichever role he does. Also, he is one of the most loved actors among his fans, and after his super hit movie Syerra Narasimhaa Reddy he raised his charges, and now he charge around 8-10 Crores for a movie.

8. Shivakarthikeyan

He is not in the list for long time, he recently entered this list of Top 10 Tamil Actors and also does not have a huge list of movies, but his movies are working great among the audience and that’t what made him charge huge amount of around 10 – 12 Crores for a movie. If you have watched his movies then do let us know you like his acting or not.

7. Dhanus

Dhanus is a great actor and also one of my favorite, he is literally awesome his acting, his aura everything just great and he proved that talent can give you the success and not the six packs or fair color. And he is also one of the top actors who charge huge amount for a movie and he charges around 15 crores for a movies.

6. Vikram

His actions scenes are always breathtaking, so another very popular actor in the list of top 10 Tamil Actors, is not only popular in south India but he is also very popular in other countries. His Most of the movies are hit and he charges around 20 crores for a movie.

5. Suriya

With his continuous hit films his is becoming big and big each day, he is a very popular actor among every movie lover. Also he charges big for his movies as his movies earns great so he charges around 20 – 22 Crores for a movie.

4. Kamal Haasan

Kamal Hassan in one of the actors in India as he not only worked in Tollywood but also he has some great movies in Bollywood too. But he announces his retirement from the movies and now he is in politics and his minimum fees were around 25 Crores.

3. Ajith

He has massive fan following in the South India and he is also great actor, his movies always work great in the box office and most of the time his movies gets the biggest opening. And after the success of his last movie he raised his fees and charges around 40 – 50 Crores for a movies now.

2. Vijay

Vijay has a huge fan following in south which made him a huge star and also the second most highest paid actor, his movies are doing great in South India and he enjoy immense popularity and after his last movies which was a big hit he now charges around 45 – 50 Crores for a movie.

1. Rajnikanth

This is a no brainier that Rajnikanth must be in the top of the Top 10 Tamil Actors he not a famous actor in Tamil but in the whole India he has huge fan following, his movies are pre booked and most of his movies become super hit. He has also won many awards for his great acting and also he charged the most among all the actors, He charges around 60 Crores for a movie.

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