Top 10 Universities in Australia

Top 10 Universities in Australia For Better Education

Top 10 Universities in Australia which you can choose for you further studies if you want to graduate from the best universities.

1. University Of Melbourne

University Of Melbourne

Founded in the year 1853 the University of Melbourne is one of the oldest universities in Australia and also a public research university.

And also it is one of the top universities in the world which provides great study and also it delivers awesome researches.

Also, it has three more campuses where you can choose Horticultural, Arts, and veterinary Science.

And for different courses, the criteria are different so you need to check your course and the admission requirements if you want to study here.

2. Monash University

Monash University

The name of this University is in the name of World War 1 General, Sir John Monash, and this University is made in the year 1958 and also it is the second oldest university in Victoria.

Also, it is among the universities which have more number of Alumni who are at the post of CEOs of the World’s Largest 500 Companies.

So if you have the ability of becoming the CEO of the top companies then you can sharp your skills here.

And it has more than 100 research center’s and also it get the most number of enrollment forms in Victoria.

3. The University Of Sydney

The University Of Sydney

This is the first University of Australia build in the year 1950, and also it is considered as one of the leading universities in the world right now.

And also the campus of the University is ranked in the Top 10 Most beautiful campuses in the world.

And with top 10 most beautiful campuses it also in the Top 10 Universities in Australia for best education.

4. University Of South Wales

University Of South Wales

This number 4th university in Australia is established in 1949, and it is the 43rd number university ranked all over the world according to 2020 QS World University Rankings.

And this university also has an International Exchange and Research Partnership with more than 200 Universities all over the world.

But to take admissions to this top University you have to work very hard and then only you can take the privilege of studying at this University.

5. Australian National University

Australian National University

This is the national university of Australia which was established in the year 1946, this university is located in the Capital of the country Canberra.

And also Australian National University is considered the most selective institution in the whole world for higher learning. So if you have ever visited there do share your story with us.

6. The University of Queensland

The University of Queensland

Located in Brisbane, the University of Queensland was formed in the year 1909 by the state parliament. And it is also ranked in top universities all over the world for better education.

7. University of Adelaide

University of Adelaide

This one is the third oldest university of Australia established in the year 1874, has four campuses and they are North Terrace Campus, Roseworthy Campus, and Waite Campus.

These three campuses are located in South Australia and the last on which is located in the Melbourne, Victoria.

And if you want to study in this top university then you need to work to clear the entrance exam at the university.

8. University Of Technology Sydney

University Of Technology Sydney

It is said that this university was actually build in the year 1870 but the current form of the university was actually formed in the year 1988.

And also it is ranked among the top universities all over the world who are not older than 50 years. A great and young university.

9. The University of Western Australia

The University of Western Australia

Another top university which was established in the year 1911 by the Parliament of Western Australia, but started college after two years.

10. Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology

Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology

This public research university of initially a private collage until it merged with Phillip Institute of Technology. The University was established in the year in 1887 by Francis Ormond.

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